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The Apple Macintosh (c) Emulator for the Amiga (c) personal computer.

A-Max has had 4 versions; A-Max(1.0), A-Max II (2.0), A-Max 2.5 and A-Max IV (Color + OS 7).
The early versions 1 & 2 & 2.5 used a cartridge and
the latter 2 could use a "Plus" slot card like the
Emplant providing additional hardware capability.
(Serial, Networking, Printing, MIDI)

VERSIONS: A-Max 1.0 was a Macintosh 128/512/Plus emulator. (Emulates 64/128K ROM Macs) A-Max II, or version 2.xx was a Macintosh II emulator. (Emulates 256/512K ROM Macs) Version 2.0x runs up to System 6.0.8 Version 2.5x runs either System 6 or 7, using cartridge or Plus Card. A-Max IV, the final release, was for all newer models, requiring System 7+. System 6 and the floppy port cartridge were no longer supported. ReadySoft tested it up to System 7.1. It also supported color. For more details, see the History page; features are listed.

The Official A-Max Web Pages...

There is a LOT of stuff in these local pages - I have attempted to make
this site one-stop shopping site for A-Max users.  The User Page is for
want ads or questions to other A-Max users.  Come on in, look around,
and join in, and please share any A-Max knowledge or experience you have...

If you are looking for files, go to the TOOLS page.  If you are looking
for help, go the DOCs, HELP, TEST, and HISTORY pages.  If you want to know
about your version & other versions' features, go to the HISTORY page.
To learn cool stuff, look at them all!!!

The user page is for user to user help, and questions to all A-Max users.  
Please visit the USER page every time you stop by.  
I have tried to make it easy to see if anything has changed.

  • This page is AMAXHOME.HTML (The A-Max Home Page)
  • A-Max User Page
  • A-Max User HELP Page
  • A-Max: The History Page
  • A-Max Aminet/Apple Tools Page
  • A-Max Test Page (My attempts & tips)
  • A-Max Screen Shots (During My attempts to work in VM)

  • A-Max Docs Updated with Addendums and notes on Oct 28, 2019.

  • A-Max 1.0 HTML Docs - Edited by AmigaMax (Me.) Thanks to Nils@jhu.edu original unedited text Thanks to Ken Harvey for scanning me the rest of the 1.0 manual. As JPG (lha of JPG pages - right click save as)
  • A-Max 2.0 Upgrade HTML Docs - Typed/Edited by AmigaMax - ASCII GFX. Thanks to David Roland For sending in the 2.0 Upgrade docs. As JPG (lha of JPG pages - right click save as)
  • A-Max 2.0 Upgrade Docs - As distributed by Quartex. These docs are better if you want to do a printout. Just Remove [pre]
  • A-Max 2.5 HTML Docs - Edited by AmigaMax. Thanks to Leonard Lichtstein for sending in the 2.5 docs. Thanks to Ken Harvey for scanning the second half of the manual... As JPG (lha of JPG pages - right click save as)
  • A-Max 4.0 HTML Docs - Edited by AmigaMax. Thanks to Dan Schmidt for sending in the A-Max IV docs. Thanks to Ken Harvey for scanning & OCR processing of the manual... As JPG (lha of JPG pages - right click save as) JPG Scans came from: The Big Book of Amiga Hardware
    There is additional info there as well...
  • View A-Max 1.0 Box Front image 150 KB (Size & Quality reduced)
  • View A-Max 1.0 Box Back image 150 KB (Size & Quality reduced)
  • View A-Max 1.0 Diskettes LowK
  • SCREEN CAPTURES More coming...I found more images... More Software Images DETAILED HARDWARE IMAGES (ALSO AT Amiga Hardware / Card sites) PDF Manuals when time allows More info on getting it to work (It's fussy on UAE but for me was very stable on real hardware) Need to get my hardware up again... Emu Coders anyone...??? Would love to get a working Plus Card...A-Max IV preferred...

  • Please note the e-mail changes below... I inquired about any possible legal implications in making the software freely available to the Amiga community, which turned out to be a successful endeavor.

    ********* * FILES * ********* README!! Files are renamed as ZIP to fool the file server. Rename .ZIPs to back to .DMS and use diskmasher to unpack them. .lha .JPG and others should work normally. READ and Enjoy!!
    40960 10-23-19 9:24a DMS executable from cli 57450 10-23-19 9:24a DMS GUI for Workbench 110242 10-23-19 9:24a DMS GUI for Workbench 142951 09-21-97 9:24a AMAX Utilities From Utility Disk included with A-Max .SIT (Stuffit Expander Mac) 106522 09-21-97 9:24a AMAX Utilities From Utility Disk included with A-Max .LZH (Amiga) 2,869 04-01-97 7:39p AMAX_UtilDisk_v1.ZIP (Bad - will have to relocate & Stuffit) 2,869 04-01-97 7:38p AMAX_UtilDisk_v2.ZIP (Bad - will have to relocate & Stuffit) 773 09-21-97 9:24a AMAX-DMS.DOC 613 07-05-02 10:52p IMG-LIST.TXT LIST OF DISK IMAGES 160,861 11-16-97 9:33a AMAX-JEFF.ZIP 316,604 01-20-97 1:23p AMAX10RSb.ZIP 316,774 04-01-97 7:39p AMAX10X_1.ZIP 316,605 01-20-97 1:30p AMAX10RSp.ZIP 414,773 01-04-97 1:36p AMAX10RS_FA.DM 321,132 04-01-97 7:38p AMAX20X_1.ZIP 419,408 01-01-99 12:03a AMAX250.ZIP 350,635 09-21-97 8:16a AMAX251_TM.ZIP V 2.51 351,980 09-21-97 8:13a AMAX253_LL.ZIP V 2.53 351,021 11-02-97 12:45p AMAX256-A1200.ZIP 352,205 09-21-97 8:02a AMAX25X_EC612.ZIP 421,020 01-02-99 2:45a AMAX256.ZIP 265,632 11-16-97 9:30a AMAXBT-KCrumpin.ZIP 321,693 11-16-97 9:30a AMAXPR-KCrumpin.ZIP 160,861 09-21-97 8:05a AMAX4_.ZIP 160,862 11-02-97 12:47p AMAX4.ZIP 340,092 02-09-97 11:29p AMAX4_HACK.ZIP 160,864 02-09-97 7:43p AMAX4PIHA.ZIP 160,934 09-21-97 8:03a AMAX4008.ZIP V 4.008 106,152 11-13-94 5:28p AMAX48fix.LHA 446,781 02-09-97 7:43p AMAX4PihaTidbits.ZIP A-Max 1.4M boot Disk and 2M Hardfile A-Max 4 Unofficial Disks - Load both as a disk image.
    Did not boot fully (locked up) under UAE 4.2.1 with A-Max 4 but did boot under ShapeShifter 3.7 using A-Max-Init on same virtual machine. (A-Max-Init and SS PrepareEmul do basically the same thing..) see pix HERE Both are stripped Mac OS 7.1. My A1200/A600/A2000 not set up presently to use physical hardware and ROMs at this time...

    Buying A-Max:

    Check E-Bay, www.softhut.com, etc. images: http://www.amiga-hardware.com/showhardware.cgi?HARDID=341

    A-Max Related Links
    Articles, Docs... AmigaWorld Issue Index! (OCT89) AmigaWorld Issue Index? (DEC93) Files... Saskatoon Amiga User Group File Archive I found (Area 17) Saskatoon BBS Page Misc. Hardware related... About Serial Ports! German, about SS/A-Max Floppies (CHK Details) Emulator FAQs & Pages... Emulators FAQ (3 parts from UseNet) - Part 2 at least (maybe 1 & 3 also) mentions A-Max) Another Emulators Faq

    Amiga Report Altavista search on A-Max * = Revelency. I Recommend looking at anything ** or better. http://www.fhi-berlin.mpg.de/amiga/ar/ (Germany) http://www.lysator.liu.se/amiga/ar/ (Sweden) To Download directly: http://ftp.uni-paderborn.de/aminet/docs/mags/arXXX.lha http://us.aminet.net/aminet/aminet/docs/mags/arXXX.lha ( See either of these siter for more files & mirrors. ) Insert number below into XXX in http:// line. If it's available, it'll load. Issue Rated Information about article. ---- ----- ---------------------------- 135 - **** Details as posted on Comp.sys.amiga.emulations... 137 - *** View of A-Max IV and Emplant at Toronto 201 - ** The Emplant on the way - start of it all 203 - ** ER:Emplant tested. ER Special: World Amiga Emulators listed 205 - ** A-Max Mentioned briefly. 5 lines. In: Euro outlook. 207 - **** Amigas in Business - A-Max/Emplant User tells his story. 208 - ** Emplant mostly - A-Max mentioned about 4 times. 211 - **** JC Boots up A-Max IV with II ROMs 214 - ***** Configuring A-Max 216 - **** Review: A-Max vs Emplant. 218 - * A-Max Mentioned. 232 - ***** Cross-Mac vs. MaxDOS 2.0 (About Amiga-Mac Filesystems) 313 - **** About Apple code & Liscensing & Shapeshifter + MaxDOS 2.5. 405 - * A-Max Mentioned.

    A-Max and sunrise symbols were copyright Readysoft, Inc. The Apple Symbol is Copyright Apple Computer, Inc.
    This Page is dedicated to SIMON M. DOUGLAS, who, if he ever reads this, I hope he will make my week & send me an E-mail !!! Contacts: Thanks for the E-Mail Gunther Doewich !! Thanks for the E-Mail David Foster (wherever you went in cyberspace) !! Other Credits: Software: Simon Douglas Plus Card: Ralf & Gunther Doewich of Cybercube Research Ltd. Cartridge: Don Holtz and David Foster A-Max 1.0/2.0 Graphics & Logo: Jorge Freitas 1.0 Guide: ??? Probably Simon Douglas... 2.0 Guide: ??? My docs are too limited... 2.5 Guide: Gary Gehman & Simon Douglas IV Guide: Bob Eller & Jim Meyer You all would also be quite welcomed! :-)
    Thanks for your contributions, guys!!!

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