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[Reginal Cross] Wanted: A1200 .amhd driver, A-Max Docs XEROXed, 2000 020/030, II+ boards. 2. [Michael W. Cain] Wanted: A-Max 2.5 Software + A-Max IV ROMs. 3. Software Blitz!!! For Sale: Mac Plus Software!!! 4. Giuseppe Premoli Wanted: CyberGraphX Video driver for A-Max IV. 5. Thomas NilssonFast A-Max for A-Max IV - coder wanted Submit something...
[Updated 9 Aug 97] Since I am the foremost user & Webmaster here, I'll start: WANTED: Originals or Xeroxes of 1.0 A-Max docs. I do not need "Upgrade to 2.0" documentation - that's what I typed in. WANTED: An .amhd driver for A-Max II/2.5 on my A1200. CASH WAITING!! I can not make scsi.amhd work. I need a scsi.amhd for a 600/1200 IDE controller. NOTES: SCSI.device is in my ROMs. Also, I get a red or blue colored screen & the system hangs when I use the old SCSI.amhd. This was for a C= 2090(A) / 2091 controller or similar (Using on my A2000). I could also use one for a squirrel SCSI if anyone has an inclination. If you or someone you know can write it, I have some money waiting. (for v2.5 or pre - I am Using A-Max IV now but I can't run system 6 on it.) I have heard rumor you can...but how? It bombs w/ 6.0, 6.0.2, 6.0.5, 6.0.8... WANTED: I am now looking for an A-Max II+ boards for a reasonable prices for testing purposes. I would like to put it in my stock A2000. If you have an old or extra A-Max II+ boards, please let me know. I have an A-Max IV board, but it doesn't work properly (no 68030 in A2000). Wanted: 020 or 030 board for A2000 - under $50. (Yes, somewhat of a gift at $50) E-Mail to A-Max Tech support (See A-Max Home Page) Are you looking for something? Need some help? Send your post & I'll put it up. Submit something... Go to Index
I have a amax II+ board w/roms but no software to run it. looking for ver 2.5 software. would also be interested in amax IV upgrade roms. Michael W. Cain ( Go to Index
I recently traded some Amiga Stuff for a Mac Plus; this stuff came with it. I have not finished looking at it, but it may be of interest to someone... e-mail offers if you are interested in buying anything here... This is mainly complete, boxed software w/manuals; VGC. I still have not been able to look at them all yet...and reserve the right to keep anything I really like... I will probably also test software prior to shipping... The Colony (512K+) * Reach for ths stars (512K+) = Galaxy Conquest (pending sale) * SimCity (512Ke+) (pending sale) * Sands of Fire (Plus+ 1MB 800FDx1) = Nice Tank Simulation * The Crack of Doom (512Ke+ 800FD) Tolkein Adventure Once Upon A time (Write a children's book) * Turbo Math Facts, Simon, Boxes games (400FDx2) Journey (color support) Wizardry * The Fool's Errand (512K+) (pending sale) Tunnels & Trolls Leisure Suit Larry * Might & Magic Adventure (512K 800FDx2) Citadel (Plus+) Alternate Reality - the city * Quarterstaff (Plus+ color support - Infocom 800FDx3) Mac Golf Defender of the Crown Legend: * - I've looked at it & works on a 1 MB Mac Plus. 400FDxN - 400Kb disks x Number of them 800FDxN - 800Kb disks x Number of them 512K+ = Mac 512K or better ( 64K / 128K ROM ) Plus+ = Mac Plus or better (128K ROM / 1MB RAM) To submit a request, Please E-mail to A-Max Tech Support: (See A-Max Home Page) Go to Index
On 15-Mar-97, Giuseppe Premoli wrote: ]>Dear sir, ]> congratulations for creating the first A-Max site in the WEB! ]>Since lomg time I've been looking for a CyberGraphX video driver ]>suitable for A-Max IV. ]>Do you have one? If yes could you send it to me by E-Mail? ]>Thank you very much. ]>Giuseppe Premoli Sorry, I don't. Maybe someone else does... Go to Index
Thanks Reginal for creating the AMAX pages! I have an AMAX-IV in an A2000B together with A PC card, currently a SCSI controller and a Blizzard-2060. All this is a bit heavy on the power drain for the poor old A2000B (or rather the Zorro bus, since I now have a 200Watt PC PSU inside it) so most of the time it seems like it isn't quite adequate for the ROMs so i often get "Could not read the ROMs". Therefore I would be most interested in a FastA-Max for A-Max IV (since then I wouldn't need to read them at all!). The 1.3 and 2.5 seems to patch the A-Max Start Up. The ROM's must be fitted in the same way in both 2.5 and IV as they are the same board (or?). As the source is included in David Walthour's version it would be very simple to fix such a version if only I knew what the code looked like that they patch. Anybody has any idea how to do this? Thomas -- "Little languages go a long way..." (ThoNi of ThoNi&GorFo Adventure Factories in 1985) ----------------------------------------------------- Thomas Nilsson Phone Int.: (+46) 13 651 12 Junovägen 12 Phone Nat.: 013 - 651 12 S-590 74 LJUNGSBRO Email: SWEDEN for info Go to Index
Thanks for looking! To submit an ad or post, Please E-mail inputs to A-Max Tech Support / Webmaster: And put USER PAGE as the topic. Also, you must let me know when your request is expired. (Your need is met, product is sold / bought, etc.) Tips and help hints may be left indefinitely at my discretion. Tips & info I will use freely unless you specify otherwise... I reserve the right to not post anything or omit parts for any reason. If you want your post removed for any reason, You may reserve that right; simply e-mail me and it will be removed. Thanks for lookin'! Use your Amiga to the Max!