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CAREER: I Spent 14 Years in the US Air Force as a Ground Radio Technician Separated Jan 20, 2006 at Rank E-5 (SSgt) after 14 years service. (I'm considering training into computer networking since I enjoy & use it anyway) During my career I maintained Air Traffic Communications consoles, a few Aircraft UHF/VHF radios, Fixed UHF/VHF radios, & Mobile UHF/VHF radios. Also, I have been in Frequency management & LMR Management, gaining experience w/ Smartnet II trunking, conventional, & repeated conventional systems, as well as done some Paging, Cellular, video security & surveillence, and Cable TV contract management, as well as some time in Maintenance Support (QC & QA). I have also gained some tactical communications experience, and completed a Noncommissioned Officer course in professionalism & military doctrine course known as Airman Leadership School. (ALS)

HOBBIES: I enjoy socialization with friends, recreational skating (Blades, Quads, & Skateboarding), Playing drums, & Playing on the internet. I certainly know enough about the internet & webmastering to be easily made useful. I just need the right opportunity I guess to really utilize what I know in a lot of ways. Also I've also been inclined to a lot of tinkering with vintage computer hardware, networks, and filesystems. I also regularly do upgrades & improvements & cross platform projects, though I find it much more economical to stay behind the power curve, and because I am not a "gamer" I do not need the latest & greatest in computer & network hardware, but I shure have a lot of it!

The World Command Center now has Radio and LAN communications!
Now I'm really off my rocker! (As if I wasn't already)

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