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The Cross Connection

The Cross Connection is presently the home of:The A-Max Emulator Home Page, the C= 264 Series Home Page, The J-Net Home Page, the ParNet Page, and 'My Pages' including MyPage, the "World Command Center" pages, My Sale Pages, Links Page, "The Webmaster's Corner", & Wirenet & HTML test pages...


Now including Map Buttons! :-)

For those without Graphical browsers, standard links follow below...

AMAX Home Page Amiga Macintosh emulator
The 264 Home Page Commodore 16, 116, 232, 264, Plus/4 & 364: CBM 8-bitters

Links Page! Mostly Commodore/Amiga/Apple stuff. Self explanatory.
Emulator Monster Link Page! Emulators for Amiga, PC, and Macintosh.

The PARNET Project page! PARALLEL Network: Link Amigas/CDTVs/CD32-SXs together!!
The J-Net C64 to Amiga Network Interface Page Your old C-64 can have a virtual hard drive, And load 200 1541 blocks in just 8 seconds! I've NEVER seen an 8-bitter load so fast! Never a load longer than 9 seconds! (W/O Ami FDD)

OTHER Pages:

About Reginal Cross

Webmaster's Page About this site's history, the Webmaster, & HTML.

Sale Page Stuff I'm getting together to auction off on ebay -
browse & make offers before they go on the auction block!

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