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The CC Link Page

Welcome to the Cross Connection Link Page, for all your pointing and clicking pleasure! Come in, look around, and click away!!


Welcome to the Cross Connection, Home of the A-Max Home Page, the Commodore 264 Series Home Page, The J-Net Home Page, the ParNet Box Project Page, the Emulator Monster Link Page, Wirenet User test pages, this link page, and MyPage, and the Webmaster's corner!



AllinOne/AllOneSearch Excite Webcrawler Yahoo Altavista White Pages Yellow Pages


My Emulator Monster Link Page! CBM/Amiga/PC/Mac


Amiga Magazines

Paper CU Amiga 6 UKP Amiga Format 5.50 UKP AF Introduces: The AmigaNet Amiga Computing Amazing Amiga (USA) Online magazines Amiga Report Online Magazine Amiga General: Amiga Web Directory (BIG) Amiga International Amiga International GmBh Latest owner of Amiga: Gateway 2000

Amiga Internet

Wirenet UK Amiga Internet Standardized Amiga Shareware Group MagicWB, MUI, MagicCX, ADF Netconnect Internet software suite MUI not included. Coming: Miami, Voyager, AWeb, AMosaic, ?Netscape?


Mac General Steve Wozniac's site Where it all started! Print Magazines: Mac Addict Mac World Online Resources: Apple's Mac Specifications Macinstein Mac only search Engine ZiffDavis ZD NET Mac Cult of Mac site - For troubleshooting & utils Macintosh - Large resource. Everything Mac Classic Mac resources: LowEndMac Site Jag's Classic Mac Room Mac 512 User Group" Nice Uni Mac Archive!!! Uni Michigan mirror Info-Mac Mirror image... Anti-Virus. Mac Plus info Mac Plus RAM Install Mac Plus Links IIci PC & Mac ZIP disk info

Commodore 8-bit

(VICUG) Virtual internet Commodore User's Group PK's C= LCD Commodore LCD Page !!!

VIC= 20

RMelic VIC= 20 Page Anders Carlsson Sarah Dalrymple The Retro Corner Vic 20 (Shooten)

C= 64

CBM Ring of WWW Page Commodore Ring Site List Pick a Random site on the Commodore Ring. CABOOM Commodore Search / Link Site Loadstar! Commodore 8-bit Server

Commodore Resources

C= 128

Desterm 128 Terminal page C128 CP/M 80 Col Games for 128

C= 16, 116, 232, Plus/4, 264, & (V)364

See The C= 264 Series Home Page for a dedicated list...

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