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The J-Net for C64 Home Page

* The J-Net Home Page *

Welcome to the J-Net Home Page

J-Net is a PARALLEL C64 - Amiga network, effectively letting you have a C= 64 Hard drive, or copy files from your Amiga to a C64/1541. It is much less expensive than a CMD, and is as expandable as your Amiga! J-Net is probably faster than the serial CMD as well, but presently much less compatable. (If you have a Parallel CMD/RAMLINK - they may run nose-to nose???) SPEED: 200 1541 blocks can be loaded in 8 seconds off of my A1200 hard drive. (Approximately 2 minutes on unexpanded 64/1541) (Screen blanking used) I have never seen a C64 Scene Demo load so fast!! This page will probably be used to update the Net & world when J-Net 1.0 when it comes out. Availability: J-Net is currently in Beta. v. 0.9 and available on the AmiNet. (In beta.) Only rough documentation and older software are provided. Status: The Kits & P&P Kits are NOT Currently available, but you may request to be on a waiting list free of charge by e-mailing, and put "J-Net Request" as the topic.

Compatibility: Goal: All Amigas! CPU / Compiler depending (68000/030 NOW)

The Kits:

J-Net Kits MAY include the following: 1660 Modem, Printer cable, Software, Troubleshooter, wiring diagram, Mini-Docs, Amigaguide, 1541 Disk, Tech Support Types of Kits: 1. Software, Docs & Parts Only (KIT) 2. Plug & Play (P&P) Pre-Assembled, Plug 64 into Amiga, Load PRG on 64, Load on amiga, & Go! ?. Assembly (You supply parts, I assemble when I can get around to it, and add software & docs, etc.) The only difference between KIT & P&P: I have to BUILD & TEST the P&P! PRICING: NOTICE: ALL PRICES AND DETAILS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AS THE PROJECT EVOLVES AND I FIND OUT MORE!!! KIT GOAL: $20 + S&H. (Post & Packing / Shipping & Handling) P&P GOAL: $30 + S&H. ASSY : e-mail for estimate and check postage to UK prior to e-mail. I may also consider TRADE for kits, but then I will have to still PAY the author for software...bear this in mind. (Swiftlink or A-Max II+ Zorro package might convince me) RAM LINK / 1750, etc...PAL C= +4... If I get a real good deal on the parts, I may be able to sell cheaper, but I doubt it. I will be attempting to purchase parts at the best possible price to keep the price low. I am doing this more of a Commodore Community Service and out of gratitude for the project who made it all possible on my A1200 system. The first 6 kits P&P/KIT will be using NEW 1660 300 baud modems that I BOUGHT for the project to house the C64 interfaces. The other end will probably be a NEW printer cable modified to plug into C64 interface and Amiga PAR: port (Which I do not have yet). PLUG & Play Package: It is not so much complexity, but time...I had to RE-BUILD my first one. AND TROUBLESHOOT IT - I Missed a circuit trace I needed to cut, and did not have any troubleshooting software. I do not have the printer cables yet. Also, I will have to write a BASIC troubleshooting program to test the interfaces I build. Plus, I Will have to use MY EQUIPMENT to test them, at MY RISK. By the time I am done, I am sure I will deserve every penny I get...I am hoping to make it a very nice package with the author's help. There are currently 2 members of the development team: Juha Kouri - (infinity of browbeat) - Raw Project designer, and network software writer, copy program. Reginal Cross - (Me) AmigaMax@hotbot - C64 BASIC troubleshooter program, Some Icons, kit assembly, package manager, partial technical support, Web site design. Amigaguide & documentation, etc.
NOTICE: This page is obsolete now, but similar programs are available on the Aminet which are probably more up to date. or It worked Sooooooo much faster than a 1541!!!


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