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I began playing with HTML while using a UNIX shell on oro.net while stationed at Beale AFB, CA. I logged on & used C= 64, Amiga, or my Turbo XT Laptop terminal programs to log on the server & surf with LYNX. I learned enough UNIX to build & maintain a small web site; mainly the A-Max site & Amiga / PC / Mac links. Also I had a UNIX class while there, in which we also dabbled in HTML. I learned how to better learn web design and HTML. To write my web pages I have used the following:

- Amiga OS: ED, MEMACS, and Hyperpad - Mac OS: Simpletext. - UNIX: VI & others - PC XT/AT: EDIT, NOTEPAD, WRITE, and whatever else was available. I have developed Web pages & sites for the following: - The Shadowbrook Cabin Page (Designed most of it as of Apr 00) - Christian Community Concerns site of Lodi, California - Valley Home Church Home page, Oakdale, CA (Not yet posted) - Maintenance Support Page for Maintenance Support Workcenter at RAF Lakenheath, UK - Land Mobile Radio Site for a BASE INTRANET at RAF Lakenheath, UK - Web site for training new people at a deployed location, which I burned to CD as a training & familiarization tool. Historically, my pages have been at: HTTP://www.oro.net/~kreuz/, the birthplace, long ago deleted, (Yuba City, CA) HTTP://homepages.enterprise.net/rcross/ (Early on in England) HTTP://www.crossconnect.u-net.com/ (2+ years in England) HTTP://www.crossconnect.freeserve.co.uk/ (short lived - couldn't access outside freeserve domain) http://web.ukonline.co.uk/members/crossconnect/ - deleted for FTP/POP inactivity by server. http://www.free-host.com/crossconnect USA, Server went down - for good.

This Site (as always) is Under construction. These pages were designed with the following things in mind: 1. Small, Compact, and fast loading...even at 28.8k 2. Easily transportable (Can put on PC floppy & view & still use links) 3. Not Cluttered (HTML in main directory, images & files in subdirectories) 4. Desired Compatability with all browsers from LYNX to Amiga to MSIE x & Netscape x (GIF/JPG) 5. Fun to look at, and hopefully very useful to interested readers. The site uses PC formatted FILENAME.XXXX for easy web transportation and testing (Floppies & DOS 8.3 file names) Copying to floppy drops htm"L" but still works as normal. Please observe, however, proper capitalization for HTML pages, and lowercase for the server/site URL excluding subdirectories. I typically CAPITALIZE all filenames except index.html. Due to the increased complexity, frames & tables, and having less time I assume I will soon be using authoring tools. Thus far, however, armed with only a browser, text editor, and graphics conversion utility I have built almost ALL of this entire site, including, but not limited to: Links, images, colored text, image maps, animated graphics, NO FRAMES! (This was a compatability choice) and the beginnings of interactive e-mail based forms, and use of web counters. Also notable are the 264 site which is on the Commodore Ring and the A-Max Home page which is on the Amiga Ring.

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Additional Pages that are related directly to me: Go to 'My Page' School & Technical Training Playtime - The "World Command Center"
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