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Technical Training:

Jr High:       German 1 & 2, Wood Shop

High School:   1 year Pascal on Sanyo MBC 550's (8088)
               Computer Based Office training.  WP/etc. Mac/PC. Hypercard.
               A lot of German 3, 4, aide
               Drafting 1 & 2
               Computer aid.  Wrote seating chart maker on Apple II.
                  Also wrote screen saver type program; laser show.

Delta College: General computer course required ...snored all semester.
               1 Senester BASIC - only learned 2-5 new commands all semester!
               1 Senester German 3/4 & CLEP

Military:      6 mos. Tech School, including electronics & Radio
               communication, theory & troubleshooting
               Intro to & Using MS Access
               Experienced in Win 3.1, Win95, and Excel, Word, 
               Powerpoint, MS Access, Delrina Formflow,
               Win95 networking, Appletalk, etc.

Yuba College:  UNIX & HTML
               Networking technologies (prep Novell)

TTT:           1 certificate on Networks & Network Systems...

Other Experience:

I have used and am very familiar with and able to do limited REPAIR to
    the following systems:  

    Amiga, Macintosh, PC/XT & ATs, and ALL C=ommodore 8-bitters.
    Also, I am familiar with the applicable Operating Systems.

At present I'm only dabbling on this page...
It'll look nicer when I get serious about it...

Presently I'm desiring to cross train into Networks, LAN & WAN.

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