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Emulators for Amiga:

Hardware based: MAC:The A-Max Home Page (LOCAL) MAC: Emplant Software Based: MAC: Shapeshifter Home page (Relocated) MAC: Basilisk II MAC: Vmac Project (Relocated) PC: PC-Task (demo on Aminet) up to at least 486 exists. PC: PCX C64: C64Emulator.lha C64: TheA64Package.lha C64: Frodo64 (Christian Bauer) C64: Magic64 CBM Plus/4: Tom Koenig's Amiga +4 Emulator CBM Plus/4: A4 (Also C16, C116) Vic20: On Aminet. V0.65 is the update anticipated. Author has slow machine and gave up - emulation was too slow... Atari: ST4Amiga Apple ][: Apple2000 Apple ][: AppleOnAmiga Timex: Sinclair Spectrum (Z80) emulators as follows: Spectrum: KGB Spectrum: SPECTRUM Spectrum: ZXAM* Spectrum: ZX-SPECTRUM Spectrum: SPECULATOR* Spectrum: SPECCYLATOR Tandy: TRS-80 Amstrad: CPC Acorn BBC (6502A) BBC: ABEEB (Unix Port) BBC: "The Emulator" Tangerene ORIC 16/48K ORIC: AmOric (AFCD7 / Aminet)

Emulators for Mac:

C64: MacFrodo port C64: Power64 C64: Mac64 PC: Softwindows PC: SoftPC Apple ][e: IIe..., There was a hardcard for the LC by apple... BBC: Horizon, previously MacBeebEm.

Emulators for the PC:

Amiga: WinUAE, AmigaForever Amiga: (DOSUAE) Unix Amiga Emulator... MAC: (Executor) Apple ][: C64: C64S, Frodo C64: PC64 Plus/4: Mike Dailly's PC Minus4 Emulator Vic20: V20DOS V20.COM PCVIC Linux: Pfau Zeh (Two-Zero) Linux UNIX: VICE (VIC-E) This page may be a bit slow getting updates; e-mail if you need me to look one up...
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