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These pages are dedicated to setting up A-Max IV on an Amiga System, and the details, tricks, tips, and quirks of A-Max IV.

Since A-Max IV is so different from other versions of A-Max, I have chosen to give A-Max IV it's own page, and A-Max through 2.5 will be covered on the main HELP page.

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---- A-Max IV FAQ ---- 1. What do I need to run A-Max IV? Workbench 2.1+ (A-Max IV uses CrossDOS & OS 2.1+ File requesters), an 020+ equipped Amiga (A-Max IV uses 020+ CPU instruction set). A-Max IV software, 4+ MB of RAM, and System 7.0 or newer MAC OS. If you want to use Appletalk or MIDI, (Or sound it appears) you will need an equipped A-Max II+ board with A-Max IV ROM upgrade. Though I believe A-Max IV will run on A-Max II+ ROMs, you might expect some incompatibilities from this. 2. What if I want to run System 6? (Use A-Max 2.0x or 2.5x) 3. What if I have a 68000 Amiga? (Use A-Max 2.0x or 2.5x) 4. What setting should I use for the System 7 Installer? Install for "All Macintosh Models". 5. Can I use my A-Max Floppy module with MAC floppy on A-Max IV? This is said to have not been supported - BUT... See the test page for possible hacks around this. TIPS AND TRIVIA * A-Max IV * 1. A-Max v. 4.0 Multitasks - and has hardfile and good partition support! I use it! On an A1200, Zip drive works too!! But no OS 6 :-( This is your best bet if no .amhd driver was made for your controller, Because A-Max IV has a 'smart SCSI' interface. ( I Wish 2.5 did! ) 2. Shapeshifter hardfiles with "Only Christian Bauer Made it Possible" on bootup will not boot A-Max 4; however, the filesystems are VERY similar... more like identical. The SS bootfile modified the System file on it which crashes A-Max IV. (It's a Mac-Hack on the I-Net. the bootfile is somewhat widely available-CUCD3, Aminet, etc.) 3. Amax-Init (A-MaxIV) will work in place of prepareemul for using shapeshifter. It works MUCH better than prepareemul on my A1200... A-Max-Init goes right after SETPATCH in the startup-sequence, and is required to run A-Max IV. It will reboot your machine. 4. You CAN Format a Devicedisk on Shapeshifter or A-Max IV & swap info, read, and write on both emulators, but if you are booting it..System, Finder, and extension files must be compatable with BOTH emulators... The SS "Bauer" Syetem file is NOT compatable with A-Max IV! 5. System7 appears to configure itself to 16/24/32 bit, as appropriate. A-Max IV & Shapeshifter seem to choke on this a bit. SS asks to switch to 24-bit, but appearantly you can't do it... When Installing System 7.0, install for ALL Macs, both Shapeshifter & A-Max like this setting for first time installs) 6. If you find the sound does not work on A-Max IV, you're not the only one. I turn off the sound in the control panel - it keeps A-Max from crashing when some programs bang the sound hardware. Sound WAS supported, so it looks like the board is required to use it. ( No ZORRO board in my A1200 :-{ ) 7. Your A-Max IV Partition should be "mounted" for A-Max IV to see it. That's all for now...