The Commodore 264 Series Home Page

The Commodore 264 Series Home Page

Dedicated to the following 8-bitters:

Commodore Plus/4, C= 16, C= 116, C= 232, C= 264, and C= 364.

My Associated C= 264 series pages and info...

  • 264 Graphics Page (Images)
  • 264 Memory Map!
  • 264 Technical Page
  • 264 Firmware Page
  • 264 history

  • Other C= 264 series related Web Pages

    Misc. 264 stuff:
  • Obsolete Computers Page
  • Secret Weapons of Commodore
  • Plus/4 Museum Page
  • C16 Museum Page FTP: Filez!!! (from archive using http Zimmers FTP (from (from Emulators:
  • Minus4 emulator (Mike Dailly's) WIN/DOS/JAVA
  • YAPE Yet Aother Plus4 Emulator - windows - YAPE links page - YAPE comparison page
  • Flamingo Emulator for AmigA kICk3 ReQ'd
  • Tom Koenig's +4 Emulator FOR Amiga; "A4" - May make available upon request - I have have archived. - Site Down/Not on Aminet either
  • Pocket PC Plus/4 Other Possible Useful sites:
  • Jim Brain Online Other notes for further research: WinEMU C16 / Plus4 emulator for Windows & DOS, developed by Zsolt Prievara VICE VICE emulates a bunch of 8-bit Commodore computers including the Plus 4 (DOS/Win) * SOLDER/HAEGAR @ SYNERGY * SIGNALS: DISKMAG * Charles Delta Plus/4 *
    I am looking for a PAL Plus/4. I have 2 NTSC machines.

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