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Commodore, Amiga, and Personal Stuff

My goal in this now hobby is helping to connect people with and integrate new technologies into their lives & businesses as needed. Experience: 14 years Military service in communications, including 6 years Mobility at Robins AFB. 6 yrs consulting for a computer store as needed doing repairs networking, etc. A+ Certified now to say on paper I know something. I have done a lot with Motorola radio systems, computers, communications, and PDAs and am now focusing mostly on computer repair and video surveillance systems.

I build & refurbish computers, do some webmastering, set up computer connections & VOIP circuits and produce our band's music and video in a private recording stodio: Red Monkee Studios. These days I'm less often on the internet.
Consulting services I provide consist of computer tech support, training, repair, maintenance & upgrade services for many computer platforms including Android, Windows, Mac OS, networking, 802.11x wireless link establishment and testing & tuning, and even older platforms like Amiga, Apple, Commodore, Mac OS 6-9.2.2, DOS, Palm OS and Windows CE, etc.

My philosophy for the time being is to meet with different people, determine what their needs are, and to let the need provide some of the direction for where this thing goes generate periodic supplemental income.

I'm looking for projects!

h.32x specifications background
(old links) H.323 VOIP: Voice, Data, Video session circuits
H.324 (POTS/PSTN Video)
H.326 (VOIP) IP Video

  • Driverguide
  • Windrivers
  • Motivating Quotes This Web site is also loaded on my handheld using AvantGo.

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  • Palm/Handspring Visor PDAs: Click images
  • Palmgear ----> Handango
  • Handago Soft/Hardware
  • Memoware: Many Docs you can to load into your handheld
  • Visor Central Visor resources
  • Visor Village Visor resources
  • PDAbuzz Online Resource & Magazine
  • Palm Palm Computing - Intellectually acquired by HP?

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