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Things PDA has aided with: Getting organized Purchasing a schoolbook before the store closed. Familiaring me with local streets Converting weights & measures on the fly Having a relatively secure place to store thoughts, feelings, & goals. Having passwords available securely so if I forget them I can look them up. Having printer cartridge prices readily available. Standard: E-Mail from my PDA Phone book Memos galore (Like post-its) Scheduler / datebook (I've missed a lot less appointments) Expense tracking To Do lists for better organization Saving me LOTS of time looking up phone numbers Games Added Features to my PDA: (AvantGo) Local Weather forecast, Local Movies, News, PDA News. (Can also have stocks, sports, & much more...) (AvantGo/Yahoo!) Bible (Can fit about 4 versions in 8 MB) (With search) Publications (Adobe Acrobat or text) (with search) (Qoffice/Qed/CSpotRun) Secure password & bank info storage (4TKnox) Interest Calculators Multiple Listing Service (MLS) utility for consulting Word & Excel capability (QuickOffice) Photos (ImagerX/AlbumToGo) Games: Misc PocketRealEstate & Mapopolis Plans to add: Health reference Consulting softwares !Handspring Platinum or Prism with Memory Expansion module. :-))) Software/Shareware I have actually purchased: Remote QuickOffice (Word/Excel/Charting) -

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