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Welcome to the PARNET Page

PARNET is a PARALLEL PORT Amiga-Amiga Network, effectively letting you have
a gateway between 2 Amigas, copy & run files, and using PNetkeys, emulate 
using the mouse and keyboard on the remote machine.

Compatibility: All Amigas! (Cable different for A1000)


1.  The most common use I see of PARNET is to hook up a CDTV to an Amiga.
    The Amiga gets a CD-ROM, though if you want to Mount it, use same cable & PROnet.
2.  You could hook up an A2000 to an A3000, and make hard drive backups from a 20MB
    Hard drive on the 2000 to a directory on the the 200MB drive on the 3000.
    This would work from a 1200 to a 500 or 600 as well.
3.  You could use a CDTV Genlock, though slow, on a CDTV, 
    running scrips off its Host hard drive.
4.  Use the client's or host's RAM Disk over the NET.
    Not add RAM, but just use the disk.
5.  Use an Amiga's resources that has a broken keyboard or mouse by booting it
    as the slave.
6.  To run files on an amiga from a remote Amiga.  (Run a modplayer on
    an amiga with no keyboard by making it "slave" & running ParNetKeys, etc...
7.  Drag N Drop file copying is supported for a machine with Kick 2.04+
    (Has "Window-Show All Files" in menu)  Softkicking might work...
8.  Run programs on a stock A500 off the hard drive of an A1200, etc.

PARNET was originally produced by the Software Distillery, and has been
modified, and improved by numerous individuals.  PARNET makes use of a device
NETWORK:, or NET:, which is like a gateway between host & server, and is
visible by both host and client.  It does not show workbench device icons,
but rather a file (node.rinfo) is recognised and displayed if it is on the
remote drive.  For any remote drive to be detected, you must change directory
(cd NET:df0: etc.) to it before using it.  (sometimes done in boot scripts)

NOTE:  If you are using Kickstart 1.2/1.3, have fun, because you can't "show all".
       If a directory has no icon, you'll never see'll need to use a file
       manager (Diskmaster/DOPUS/etc)... do yourself a favor and get a 2.04+ Kickstart.

These are the PARNET packages I am Aware of: 1. The original PARNET by Software distillery - limited documentation + User must set up manuallly. 2. MagicPARNET: PARNET with installer scripts, written in German, with MagicWorkbench Icons. (Nice Icons) 3. Installer by Vernon Granier? (name sp?) This was the distribution I used. Best setup scripts I think. 4. Device Update PARNET020.device 5. PRONET-like PARNET, uses same cable, but actually MOUNTS remote devices and shows their icons. It can also mount a CDTV CD as device CD0: which PARNET does not do so effectively. With PARNET you can only ASSIGN it, which does not work well with some CDTV/32 and bootable CD-ROMs. It boots MUCH faster, but is not able to re-connect if the network crashes. If a lockup occurs, both host & client must be re-booted. It mounts like a SCSI CD-ROM though which is a great advantage in some applications. SPEED: Much faster than serial communications, but still slow compared to a dedicated hardware interface - my guess about 75% of a 1 x CD-ROM. Also, there is SERNET, also by the distillery, which will be the only option for a stock CD32. Most everything works the same as PARNET. I can build PARNET or SERNET cables if anyone is interested. I have 2 types. 1. A converter box, looks like a gender changer, with all modifications inside on a circuitboard. About 1.5" x 2.5" in size. Requires additional 25-wire cable to extend between amigas. Cost: $20 or less...$15 + S&H Normal Amiga: Male-Male DB25 A1000: Male-Female DB25 DB25M-DB25M cable not included. 2. Hack up 2 printer/serial cables and resolder the wires, and wrap in electrical tape. Kill 2 printer cables to get 1 PARNET cable. Not such good odds, huh? But if you've got the cables....$20 + S&H 3. For 1 or 2 customers I might allow sending me 2 printer cables & I'll send you the Box + DB25-DB25 cable for the $15 Making the BOX is my preference. If I get a good deal on DB25-DB25 cables, prices may possibly be reduced, or cables included with the box. Also, I will have to order the circuit board boxes when you place your order. If for any reason I can't get them anymore, you will receive a full refund. It's small, handy, and a standard 25-way DB connector can be used with it, however, a DB25 Male to DB25 Male straight thruline (pin 1 to pin 1, 25 to 25 etc.) cable is required. Also note the Weird Science Network CD and DEMO CDs by Almathera may support loading PARNET on a CDTV. Add a floppy, SCSI, or burn custom CDs and you could have an A600CD, Server etc...

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