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H.326 is a specification for transmitting video over the internet. The main characteristic of the VOIP system is that the signal is delivered to both the source and destination over the internet, typically using Cable or DSL Connection. Typically the customer will have to purchase a router to allow more than one internet divice in their home that feeds off the broadband connection. Normally copper cable or twisted pair (RJ-11) wire is used at the source & destination, but wireless connections are becoming increasingly popular in large cities.

This system includes VOIP telephones, computing devices, SIP phones, and special purpose devices, and H.326 devices, as well as some security applications that are always connected and some controlled from the internet. Firmware upgrades are often available as technology evolves and industry features and device types are added. Generally speaking this connection is greater than 128 kilobits up and downstream, twice to one hundred times faster than dialup.

H.326 Video Devices using this technology have been around for a short time, and are becoming increasingly well known in the mainstream and media, due to the increasingly more reasonable cost, and high quality available over the IP network, with relatively smooth realtime video imaging, depending on settings and the characteristics of the network to which it is connected.

Data rate is bidirectional. Bandwidth is utilized in both directions at the same time, and is shared with other data devices on the same router or network.

  • Operating circuit cost is monthly whatever the distributor of your device charges.
  • PSTN access is possible on some plans, and may be included in the monthly service price.
  • Good reliability, less freeze-ups, no line noise issues. Network congestion possible.
  • Portable, plug into any LAN line where sufficient is available, anywhere.
  • 30 fps or better, smooth video flow. Depending on your settings & broadband connection
  • Includes advanced features found in digital telephony
  • Online call tracking, messaging, phone books, etc. May be able to get digital copies of messages Disadvantages: Most ave total control of your services and usage habits
  • You are subject the access limitations and policies of tour network provider.
  • 1-2 year Commitments or contracts are the norm
  • Typically, a monthly cost is accessed whether you use the device or not.
  • Devices can be very expensive up front vs. using a computer you already own or webcam.
  • May require configuration and some network knowledge or access to use.
  • Your device will probably only ever work with the provider by whom the device was manufactured or distributed. You're locked in to a single compamy, at their rate.

    - Motorola Ojo - Classy, corporate looking videophone, $$device cost$$
    Feature Rich, $14.95/mo, high quality imaging.
    - DV326: Nice device, video overlaid with settings menus, overlay visible until 
    connection with packet8 service is established.  Bandwidth usage very configurable, 
    composite RCA Line In & Out, external mic capable, locked to Packet8 Service, 
    $20/mo, 2 year contract, $300 perline penalty for early termination.  
    Voice only call capable.  Setup fee applies.
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