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* The H.324 Page *

Welcome to the The H.324 Page

H.324 is a specification for transmitting video over the plain old telephone system (a.k.a. POTS). The main characteristic of the POTS system is that the signal delivered to both the source and destination is ANALOG, irregardless if how the public switched telephone network, (or PSTN) gets it from point A to point B. Normally copper wire is used at the source & destination.

This system includes conventional telephones using pulse & tone dialing, 300bps to 56K modems, and H.324 devices, as well as some security and special applications for the elderly and impaired.

H.324 Video Devices using this technology have been around for a long time, but are not very well known in the mainstream and media, due to the typically high cost, and limited quality available over the PSTN media, topping out at about 40K of physical available bandwidth, and 15 frames per second video, commonly with some picture distortion and freezing images.

Data rate is bidirectional, which is part of the reason why the modems that are integral to H.324 are not 56k bit. Bandwidth is fully utilized equally in both directions at the same time.

  • Inexpensive to operate. Operating cost is whatever you pay for a regular phone call.
  • Most portable, plug into any PSTN phone line, anywhere.
  • You have total control of your services and usage habits
  • No commitments or contracts

  • 15 fps at best, not smooth video flow
  • Poor quality compared to IP based communications
  • Devices can be expensive up front vs. using a computer you already own.
  • Poor reliability, may include freeze-ups from interruptions or noise on the line
  • Lacks advanced features found in digital telephony

    -=-=-=-=-=- Vialta Beamer -=-=-=-=-=-
    Resolution CIF 352 x 288 pixels/QCIF 176 x 144 pixels/ SQCIF 128x96 pixels  
    Max. 33.6 Kbps - Power Consumption 18Watts - See either or both parties 
    From 4 to 15 fps  ITU-T Standard H.324 - No video inuts
    Beamer TV - BM-TV   $99 ea  free ship if buy 2   SET-TOP FLAT UNIT - 
    Only Composite Video out (RCA) to TV - Audio from telephone handset only
    Beamer - BM-80   	$199.00 "Picture Frame" 
    Resolution CIF 352 x 288 pixels QCIF 176 x 144 pixels SQCIF128x96pixels 
    3.5" LCD, 33.6 POTS  Fully ITU-T standard H.324 compliant
    Beamer FX - BM-FX   $299 is Beamer 80 + add flash card capability copy/store/display 
  • 2006 BM-TV Tested incompatible with 8x8 DV324 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 8x8 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ViaTV VC-50 ViaTV VC-105 ViaTV VC1050 Model Video Phone No imbedded Camera - composite in DV324: All-in 1 Phone + LCD screen design, Menu system driven, caller ID. 6 RCA jacks, 2 video in + 2 audio in, 1 Audio out & 1 video out, Micless speakerphone No video till dialtone. PC mode for comm w/computer. 3 video sizes, Quality/Speed adjust
  • The DV324 can also communicate with previous members of 8x8's ViaTV set top videophone product family and with H.324 videophone software running on personal computers. TeleVyou TV400 POTS Videoconference System - Set top camera 15fps composite H.324 std / 33.6 (8x8) TeleVyou TV500 POTS Videophone all-in 1 uses 4-5" lcd handset/screen H.324 (8X8? - See DV324?) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- StarView 500 TravelStar Pro StarView 400 Pro Starview 2000 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- MetaEye 324TM TV (with A/V input recommended) or PC monitor Telephone line, Telephone set (Cordless recommended) Package Contents Power adapter, Audio/video terminal cable, Standard telephone(RJ-11)cable VGA terminal cable, User's Manual -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- AT&T 2500 VideoPhone - Originally over $1500 very small screen, normally expensive, one of earliest models available. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Motorola MoJo - Classy, corporate videophone $$$ - Feature Rich, expensive, high quality InfoView Spion Multi-Function Video Phone -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- H.324 MODEMS: Creative SoundBlaster Modem SupraFax 33.6 many more, requires special software to utilize features. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- eyesite for windows. - medical application appliance -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- WANTED: PC Software - Please contact me if you have! Don't offer netmeeting - no good without gateway! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- NOTICE: Information on this page is offered as-gathered, as experienced, and AS IS. No guarantees are made, and errors may creep in - Please notify webmaster of any discrepancies you find - thanks! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-


    Beamer w/ 8x8: Not compatible - different signalling to turn on modem to initiate digital video communication.
    8x8 uses 7 tone DTMF, beamer uses rapid warble tone.

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