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The Cross Connection SALE Listing page

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The Cross Connection SALE page

Many items soon for SALE!!!


E-Mail to get in before they go up for auction. I apologize in advance for the oldness of the pictures, but I don't have a color digitizer or digital camera yet - that's why I'm selling some of this stuff!!! If you see something you're interested in - e-mail me - I may negotiate on some pricing. Bulk buys get stuff cheaper. Ask about ITEMS not seen - NO VGA Monitors - I have RGB & Composite though. More Printers, A500s, A520s, etc. If you have questions, will xx work with xx, etc... ASK - I know a lot about most of this stuff. It's been my stuff.

B&W PIX for:
Amiga, C=, Mac, PC, Tandy, & Timex Computers.
Misc Mediavision RENO 2x CD/Diskman $50 Runs on AC or battery 4 AAs w/ just the CD or 8 w/ SCSI. Includes manual, SCSI-II cable, docs, carry pack, headphones. Syquest 44 SCSI drive in a Commodore SFD100i External Drive Enclosure. Can sell with or without the syquest drive $25+ w/ drive $10 w/o? Used to have a CD-ROM I installed in it. Syquest drive fits well in it. STAR Micronics NX 2420 Dot Matrix Printer - Centronix connector - Amiga/PC/Mac Also have Similar NX-1000C Commodore serial printer boxed as sold. $20 ea. Okimate 20 Color Thermal printer for C= 64 or PC/Amiga/Mac. Please Specify; I have 1 of ea. Also Ribbons: remind me. $15 ea. Mediavision CDPC powersupply / drive bay / audio amp - a lot of sound from a small space - built in amp works too well!! Amp is loud, & fixed ratio. Meed variable input into RCAs. SPKR Jacks are available for output, or use internal speakers. CAT Sound Studio PC parallel digitizer For DOS. (Not Windows) Runs a speaker too off 1/8" Phono Jack. Also makes EXE files. $15 Small passive/amplified speakers, sold ea. Use 4C cells or 6VDC. has 1/8" phono jacks for input & DC in. $5 ea. 1/8" phonos not incl. Could use on older Macs, tape recorders, Catsound (above) etc. DB9 M/F Joystick extender $5 (C=/Amiga/Sega/Atari) IBM Microphone - 1/4" Jack (PC/?) $5 Zenith MinisPort Stuff. 720K external floppy disk drive for Zenith MinisPort computer or SuperSport 286/386 computer. Not the DBxx connector! Sub-Mini 20 pin? Incidentally I have a complete Zenith MinisPort computer system. 2MB version. Unfortunately, the keyboard is messed up. I have a Battery that still holds a 2 HR charge! The power supply is good too. About 10 Floppies. 2 Inch Floppy disks - These WILL go to auction as these are EXTREMELY scarce - These hold 720K, or 800K with a program I believe called MAXI. It's on one of them. Shown Underneath lid on the right is an AA battery, & Quarters for size comparison. Some of them have their original plastic sleeves & labels. 2.5" Hard disks - Size 85 MB IDE (PC Laptop, Amiga 600/1200) $20 [No Pic yet] SCSI Hard disk - Size 35 MB Seagate Amiga/PC/Mac ($5)
A2000 16Mhz 68000 Accellerator $10 A2000 ROM Switcher - no software needed. for OS 1.x/2.x (1 ROM) and OS3.x(2 ROMs) Has Kickstart ROM 1.3 installed. Don't bother with 3.0 ROMS on an A2000 - it doesn'e work. (GURU) Amiga A1010 Disk drive 880K $15 Amiga A1020 Disk drive 440K/360K w/CrossDOS $15 Micro Midi Interface $15.00 A-Max Macintosh Emulator for Amiga Computers - 680x0 emulation up to system 7.1, version depending - see A-Max Home Page. Amiga Hardware Manual - Pre-Release - Many pages hand stamped CONFIDENTIAL. This is an "Insider's Manual" used during Amiga's development - Never Published as is here!!!" This is not going cheap, it is a TRUE Amiga Collector's item. Probably less than 25 of these in this form worldwide!!! I'm not even sure If I even want to get rid of it. Came from the Bay Area in California. Commodore 8-Bit Commodore Vic= 20 Computer, PSU, maybe modulator. $20 Commodore 64 Computer, PSU, maybe modulator. $20 Commodore 1541 Single Sided Disk Drive 170K C= Vic 20, C64, Plus/4, or C= 128 Commodore 1571 Double Sided Disk Drive 360K C= Vic 20, C64, Plus/4, or C= 128 Alphacom 40 Column Thermal printer = $25 Displays just like Commodore 64 Screen. Designed for Vic= 20, but works fine on C= 64 C= Indorsed - Vic-20, C64, Plus/4, or C= 128 RARE!!! Only one I've ever seen. DATAMASTR - C= Cassette recorder V20/C64/128- $5 Actual Commodore Data Cassette Cassette Recorder V20/C64/128 $10-15 Koala pad with Koala painter Software for Commodore 64. VGC - $20 Includes Pen & Papers. Works. SunCom Joystick designed for C= 64C works on others. Pass Thru. $8 Macintosh Mac 512K / Mac Plus Macintosh IIci Less all external hardware & internal drive & floppy. 8M RAM. ImageWriter II for apple computers. $15 AS IS for parts - was working - 512 unit had impact - minor soldering may be needed. (Free- U Ship) Combo package - Upgrade that Mac 512! Includes Mac SNAP & RAM SNAP boards: 128K ROMS, extra 512K, SCSI, and a Mac 512 motherboard. Expected to be working. See impact above. Will be surprised if this one doesn't work tho. It was protected much better. Price undetermined - offer??? I *may* want the ROMS for A-Max depending on auction progression. US Robotics manufactured Personal Modem 1200. 1200 BPS, Tone/Pulse dial, partial Hayes command set, etc. $10 Macintosh Desktop User's Guide (680x0 based) Early System 7? Inquire. Tandy & Timex TRS-80 Acoustic Modem (No serial cable) $5 Has DIN & DB25 serial?. Powers up but I have no way of testing. Unknown if ANSI inside? Monitors Amiga 1080 Monitor. RGB A/D + Color Composite. Internal Speaker Magnavox CM8762 CVBS/Didital RGB Monitor - uses 1084 type input cable (DIN). Works well - I used for CGA on my laptop. RGB A/D + Composite Could Use with C128 RGB, Amiga, C64, Plus4, Apple Composite. Thompson model 4120 Monitor - the best one I had until multiscan + NTSC/PAL - but it hums while powered - Also has internal speaker. That's not what hums. Has worked reliably despite the hum for over 6 mos. It