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The World Command Center
History Page

The World Command Center has been ever so "affectionately" named
by my dear wife. It's whatever conglomeration of computers I
presently have assembled... Because One is NEVER enough!!!

The World Command Center was originally constructed in England, but has now been moved from England (see below) to its present Location in Georgia. It has undergone numerous cosmetic & configurational changes.

The "World Command Center" in all its original glory in England...

Creation in the UK

There I sat, 25 hours a day, maintaining a web site, scanning all kinds of things with a camcorder & PAL Vidi Amiga digitizer, making sure the world kept on ticking. At a blazing rate of 33.6Kbps I engaged in massive file transfers, voice communications at a whopping 6 Khz over TCP/IP, and spent endless hours on IRC and fussing with my TCP/IP clients.

The World Command Center of that day contained the following,
always ready for power-up at the flick of a switch:

Amiga 1200, 50Mhz 030 w/FPU. 32 + 2 MB RAM, Squirrel SCSI, 200 MB HDD, Multi-partition, Boots as OS 1.3, 3,0, As a Macintosh, Internet, etc. Thompson 4120 monitor, CTX VGA/RGB, Amiga 1080 monitor. Amiga2000, Kick 1.3, 512K chip 8.5MB Fast. GVP Impact II SCSI/RAM, 40+ MB ST157N HD. Dual Floppy, 8088 Bridgeboard w/ FPU & 5.25 Floppy. A-MaxII+ board w/4.0 upgrade 1084S monitor 2 Amiga 500's 1 NTSC/1MB, 1 PAL, 2.5MB 2 CDTVs (A500-CD) 1MB Chip only, mouse, Remote controller, genlock on one of my 2 CDTVs. Music, CD-ROM based stuff, etc. Mac Plus, Upgraded from a Mac 512. External 800K FDD, Imagewriter II. RAMSnap hardware upgrade (128K ROM, 512K RAM, 800K FDD, SCSI). System 6, Hypercard 1.2, 20MB HD, 2 partitions. Will use my ZIP 100 off switchbox too. Apple 1200 BPS modem by USRobotics. traded for 2MB A600HD. I wanted a mac for A-Max testing. Wanted an SE or SE30 or better though. 1MB is not enough. Edit Hypercard documents on A1200, run on the Plus... SCSI DEVICES: New! 2 RENO 2x SCSI-II CD-ROMs that double as diskman's (So I can use tham at home as CD-ROMs AND at work as an audio CD-player, too!!!) IOMEGA ZIP drive, through a 4-way switchbox, Settings or Amiga 1200, Amiga 2000, Mac Plus, Mac IIci? (Gutted) Home brew 1X SCSI CD-ROM ShinaKen CD in C= SFD 100i case/PSU (Going inside the A2000?) Other Devices included: - Star 2410, 24 pin Printer. - HITACHI Multisystem VCR. - OLD Pioneer Amp, from back when they made them right, such a deal! picked up REAL cheap! I only had to clean switches. That's all. - Vidi Amiga, PAL v1.14, VidiChrome, PAL v1.__12? Video digitizer - Mastersound Audio Digitizer (Shapeshifter, AmiPhone, & Sampling) - Home Built J-Net Amiga to 64 interface - Home Built Amiga PARNET interface (2) 1 cable, 1 jumper box ...And the all ESSENTIAL Fan....Ahhhhhh.... ...not to mention the old C= 8 bitters; 128, 2 64Cs, 64s, SX-64, 2 Plus/4's, ViC= 20, T/S 1000s, and the Turbo XT & Turbo XT laptop...

The World Command Center:
In a more Present Glory:

Arrival to USA

This was the Basement (Now called "The Dungeon") before I moved in!

...And the ones below were taken during shortly after moving in!

You can see there's a lot of stuff.

So much stuff, that I really need to sell some,
because I was overweight when moving here for which
I'm going to owe owe owe, until off to work I go...

These were taken about 2-3 months after the stuff arrived...
It took me a long time to unpack it all...

And then, of course, there's the Present
Configuration of the World Command Center...

Last edited: Apr 30, 2000

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