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Welcome to
The World Command Center

The World Command Center was originally "affectionately" named by my wife.
It was her complaint about whatever conglomeration of computers I always had assembled...
Because having just one computer was NEVER enough, even if they were ALL OLD!! ;-)

At first I took offense to the name "World Command Center,"
but over time it has actually become a silly point of pride &
much amusement in my life, and something I love to joke about.

The World Command Center was originally constructed in England, but was moved from England (see below) to its present Location in Georgia. It has undergone numerous cosmetic & configurational changes. See World Command Center History for details...

The World Command Center has been tremendously expanded!!!
You might have thought it could never get worse... but it HAS!!!

World Command Center now has a Communications Center!!

I have decided to name the downstairs area the "Command Post" and the upstairs the "COMM Center."
Together they are the form of the all new World Command Center!

I'm alone in the house now, and the room that was the "guest room" is now the latest addition to the World Command Center. This new room boasts newly available DSL high speed Internet service, a regular telephone, a new local area network ethernet hub serving of 2 'PCs' & 2 Macintosh computers both upstairs and downstairs, and also I have added CB radios to the line-up! One of the CB antannas is made of phone cable and is loacted in the back yard. The coaxial cable runs from the COMM center through the COMMAND POST out to the back yard!! I eventually plan to get an FCC Liscense so I can get better equipment & talk on other bands than just the 27 Mhz CB, but even with just the CB, I personally met over 15 people in less than 30 days! I'm starting to have a social life again, and what better to maintain it than having all this communications equipment so conveniently available!! I actually sleep in this room now, on a sofa, sometimes leaving the CB turned on. It may look like I have a ton of money available, but the truth is that I stay behind the power curve, and get all my stuff real cheap!! I've learned to be very resourceful and made a number of contacts. The corner desk is in! Still more pictures will follow later!

I now have JamCam Version 2 I thankfully bought used for $40.
It retailed for $99 at the time, but I don't think it's worth $99
due to its limitations, and I would have taken it back had I paid that.
It does take pictures in 3 resolutions, but only 8 shots in 640 x 480
& the smaller resolutions lack quality, so I tweak using software to compensate.

Below is the previous update of the World Command Center, now the "Command Post", which is for the most part still accurate...things are just in slightly different places...

The recent addition of a very inexpensive Jam CAM has made the following COLOR update possible: The JamC@m is a VERY inexpensive camera that shoots & stores only 6 color photos at a resolution of 160 x 120 at a time, but includes MicroSoft [sorry for swearing] Picture It! 99 software, which in my opinion in itself is worth the $20 I paid for the camera. [Did I actually just say a MicroSloth application was WORTH the money it cost???]

It's a Serial Camera, and Ideal for kids, or for making Photos for Selling stuff on E-BAY, which is the secondary reason I bought it. You get what you pay for, though. No flash, Cheap construction, cheesy viewfinder, no zoom, and storage for only 6 ultra-low resolution photos. But it's an actual digital camera for well under $50.00!!! You sure won't hear me complaining!!!

The World Command Center downstairs
In it's Present Glory:

Quick Note: Holding the cursor over a picture should reveal text about it.

Concealed Dungeon Door Entrance Opening the doors reveals...the Trap Door... Opening the trap door reveals...
The Entrance to the Dungeon... The Steep decent from upstairs... Dungeon Entrance from the at back door...
The Dungeon Back door Another view of The Dungeon Back door The Back Entrance...
Exterior concealment... Another view of its exterior concealment... The Tiny window to keep out the Light of day !!!
By the Back door Command & Control Reference Library Tower Power - Primary Central Control
Central Control Consoles The Active Collection The Primary Compilers:
The 'Stack' The 'Heap' The 'Accumulator'

The World Command Center presently contains 1 or more of the following:

Amiga 1200, 1200T, A500s, A600, A2000, 2 CDTVs.
The A1200T will probably be J-Netted to the CBM SX-64 and to a printer via switchbox.
A1200T has internal IDE EZ135 and CD-R, and an audio digitizer.

Quadra 800 w/QuickCam B&W, Powerbook Duo 270c with Duo DockII, Powerbook 170s, 4MB Mac Plus.
The Q800 and Powerbook/Dock are ethernetted and appletalked together, and will be sharing a monitor (switchboxed).

Zenith MinisPort 80C88 Laptop & Amiga Bridgeboards for A2000.
I'll soon break down & buy a PC, or inherit my wife's when she gets her new one.

Commodore ViC= 20, C64's, 64C, SX-64, C128, Plus/4's, etc.

Timex Sinclair 1000s, Timex 2032, ???

External Shared SCSI Devices:
Powerbook CD-ROM, RENO 2x CD-ROMs, ZIP drives,
Syquest 44MB & 88 MB drives, Syquest EZ-135 Drives

The "World Command center"
in its prior glory... (in England)

There I sat, 25 hours a day, maintaining a web site, scanning all kinds of things with a camcorder & PAL Vidi Amiga digitizer, making sure the world kept on ticking. At a blazing rate of 33.6Kbps I engaged in massive file transfers, voice communications at a whopping 6 Khz over TCP/IP, and spent endless hours on IRC and building an empire in HTML, fussing with my emulators & TCP/IP clients, etc.. Incidentally, to date all HTML has been done using Ed/Hyperpad, Teachtext/Simpletext, and EDLIN.COM/EDIT.COM/Windows Notepad. These are standatd ASCII text editers for the Amiga, Mac, And IBM/Clone/Wintel machines, respectively. I have been avoiding HTML builders, though I expect to change this soon, merely to save time & typos...

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Last edited: Apr 30, 2000

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