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A-Max Tools Page
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Useful Utilities on the Aminet:

About them:FastAMax1.3.lha ( Converts A-Max Apple ROMS to a ROM file - A-Max 2.5/Cartrige)Fast_A-Max_2.5.lha ( Converts Apple ROMS to a ROM file - A-Max 1.0 or 2.0 w/Cart)AMax-drivers.lha  (supradirect.amhd plus docs)A-MaxUtilsV1.1.sea contains:  DiskParam, Pointing Device, FUZZ, MountImage, EpsonDriver, PopChar, FlashIt,   SuperClock, init cdev, Moire, PICTuresque, Mac+ Memory Map, System Errors,  FastFormatter, DiskDup+, ICON designer, Anonymity, Big Brother, Solitaire  this is a personal compilation and not distributed by Readysoft/PiHaFuzz: Removes flicker by anti-aliasing display (Fuzz=A-Max 2.0x / Fuzz2=A-Max 2.5).
READ MORE ABOUT THEM: A-Max Utils Readme Fast A-Max 1.3 Readme Fast A-Max 2.5 Readme A-Max drivers Readme Fuzz Readme CrossMac Demo Readme MaxDOS 2.5 Demo ReadmeTO DOWNLOAD THEM:A-Max Utils V1.1Fast A-Max 1.3Fast A-Max 2.5A-Max driversFuzzCrossMac DemoMaxDOS 2.5 Demo

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Apple System Software via FTP:Note: you might have to do a cd up (parent) from /pub/Shapeshifter guide, directory /pub/apple_sw_updates/US/Macintosh/System, directory /Apple.Support.Area/Apple.Software.Updates/US /Macintosh/System/
My search revealed: /Apple.Support.Area/Apple.Software.Updates/Worldwide/? /Apple.Support.Area/Apple.Software.Updates/US/Macintosh/ Subdirs:Display-PeripheralNetworking-CommunicationsPowerBookPrintingSystemUnsupportedUtilities------ Of Interest to A-Max Users ------/System/Older_System/System_6.0.xSystem_7.0.x/Display-Peripheral/ (SCSI)Apple_CD-ROM_5.0.4.sea.hqx 62092CD-ROM_Software_5.1.7.sea.hqx 619841ISO_9660_File_Access_5.0.2.sea.hqx 24632/Utilities/Disk_Copy_4.2.sea.hqxDisk_Image_Mounter_1.0.1.sea.hqxDocument_Converter_1.0.4.sea.hqxDisk_First_Aid_7.2.2.sea.hqxApple_HD_SC_Setup_7.3.5.sea.hqxApple_System_Profiler_1.0.1.sea.hqxSCSIProbe.hqxResEdit_2.1.3.sea.hqxInternal_HD_Format_1.3.sea.hqx