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**** A-Max Site Download Form ****

Please fill out this form to view the download page:

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Notes: All downloads from here require you to have either a Cartridge
or an A-Max II+ / IV Zorro Card AND Real Macintosh 128K ROMs.

Version information:
1.0: Cartridge based only! (Accept 64K Mac model 128/512 ROMs, too)
2.0: Cartridge based only! (Accept 64K Mac model 128/512 ROMs, too)
2.5x: Will use ROMS either in the cartridge or the A-Max II+ board.
2.56 A1200: Does not like some 030 boards - works fine on stock A1200.
4.0x will work on either an a-Max II+ or II+ with v4 PAL (IC5) upgrade.
using Amiga Floppy for reading Mac disk requires the proper IC5.

A-Max Versions You plan do download:

CART REQD: A-Max v.1.0 A-Max v.2.0x
CART/CARD: A-Max v.2.5x A-Max v.2.56 A-Max v.2.56 A1200
CARD ONLY: A-Max v.4.0x

Which of the following do You have:
A-Max Floppy port Cartridge
A-Max Zorro Card? If Yes, which one? (below)
A-Max II Card (IC5 AMAX-G). A-Max IV Card (IC5 AMAXx-H)

Real Macintosh 64K ROMS? Real Macintosh 128K ROMS?
I Own A real 680x0 Macintosh
I Own A real Power Macintosh

Other Emulators I use:
Shapeshifter Emplant V-Mac Fusion
PC Task PCx

Cross-Mac Max-DOS Cross-DOS full version

Comments: Please leave a short description of the system
you are/plan to use A-Max on:

I have an 1200/030 2+16MB 200MB HDD, Surf Squirrel, CD-ROM, ZIP
A-Max 2.5 & Cartridge, I use SS for OS7, A-Max for OS6, etc.
Favorite Mac applications: Hypercard, MS-Works, SCSIprobe, ResEdit...
Also: Looking for Plusboard, Want to sell xxx, Need xxx ...etc...

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you may send an E-Mail to: